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Rev. Susan Ferman (Austin), Interfaith Minister and Wedding Officiant
Proudly serving Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho

Special Ceremonies

Susan performs many special ceremonies, such as Family Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Handfastings and Commitment Ceremonies and many, if not most, couples include special elements, such as Unity Candles, Sand Ceremonies, Handfasting (included as part of a formal ceremony), Jumping the Broom and Rose Ceremonies

Family Ceremonies   Family Ceremonies that include vows the couple's children are one of the most popular Special Ceremonies Susan performs. Their are many variations to Family Ceremonies, depending on the goals of the couple. Some include vows to step-children, others include vows to all the children in the family. One very popular type of Family Ceremony includes giving the children a token of the wedding, such as a watch, ring or Family Medallion™.

Many couples also include promises of love and support from the couple's family and/or friends as a part of the Presentation of the Couple, a 
 way to acknowledge the other important relationships in the couple's lives.

Family Ceremonies often also include Family Unity Candles and Family Sand Ceremonies, which include the participation of the couple's children and/or parents (including adult children).

Vow Renewal Ceremonies (Re-affirmation of Vows)  There are almost as many different reason couples choose to renew their vows are there are couples having the ceremony! For many couples, it marks a special anniversary, such as their 20th, 25th or 50th Anniversary. For other couples, it signifies having come through a challenging time, for example, after a long illness or a spouse coming home from deployment or after a particularly rough spot in the marriage has been overcome. For some couples, it is the big ceremony they didn't get to have when they got married. Susan has even presided over a legal wedding, then a formal ceremony at a later date.

Whatever the reason, Susan knows that renewing their vows is every bit as important to the couple as their first wedding and work with you to create a Renewal Ceremony as unique to you as your marriage.

Susan has also performed may Family Ceremony/Vow Renewal Ceremonies incorporating a Family Ceremony within a Vow Renewal Ceremony, to include the couple's children.

Commitment Ceremonies and Holy Unions  Susan also performs Commitment Ceremonies, Year-and-a-Day Handfastings and Holy Unions for couples who choose to make a personal or spiritual commitment to each other, without having a legal weddings. Commitment Ceremonies and Year and a Day Handfastings are usually non-religious or spiritual but not religious. Holy Unions are for couples who would like a religious wedding ceremony (for any faith), without the legal component. 

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