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Rev. Susan Ferman (Austin), Interfaith Minister and Wedding Officiant
Proudly serving Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho

For Weddings as Unique as You Are

Whether you want a simple ceremony in the comfort of your home, a theme wedding, a traditional ceremony in a garden or a formal affair, I will work with you to design the perfect wedding ceremony for you.  Your wedding is one of the most special days of your lives--make it as unique as you are.  No two couples are exactly alike; their weddings shouldn't have to be, either.

A great wedding doesn't have to be expensive; the most important thing is that it's your wedding and should be right for you. Whether your dream wedding is a formal affair with relatives flying in from all over the world or a casual, informal outdoor ceremony, followed by a BBQ with family and friends or something creative, such as a Renaissance period wedding (replete with a period feast and dancing),  your wedding should be a reflection of who you are.

"Above all, your wedding ceremony and vows should say reflect what
marriage means to you.
Whether you w
rite you own vows or choose
from our collection of favorite vows and styles
of wedding ceremonies,
 will work with you to find the perfect combination for you. Be as
traditional or creative as you'd like:
Your wedding ceremony can be
traditional or contempo
rary; civil, religious, 'spiritual but not religious', interfaith or even humorous---or any combination of styles
. Many couples who have children like to include them in the ceremony; others include the couple's parents. Both are beautiful ways to acknowledge that the family dynamic is also changing for the couple's children and parents. I also specialize in officiating Family Ceremonies, which include the couple's children and wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples, which do have slightly different logistics."--------- Rev. Susan Ferman, Wedding Officiant

Based in the beautiful Palouse Region, Rev. Susan Ferman officiates weddings from the Lewis and Clark Valley to Spokane and beyond. Rev. Susan is ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Wedding Officiant by the Universal Life Church, in Modesto, California since December, 1993 and is Commissioned by the Federation of Christian Ministries as a Nondenominational Ecumenical Minister. Susan is experienced working with people of many faiths, often officiating ceremonies for couples who describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated, "Spiritual but not Religious" and/or do not identify as one specific religion; people who want a religious wedding ceremony, but do not belong to a local church or congregation, and ceremonies for interfaith couples. She is delighted to work with interfaith couples to incorporate aspects of each person's faith.  

                   Susan is also happy to officiate Civil Ceremonies, for couples who prefer them.

Even with the most traditional of wedding ceremonies, there is always the opportunity to tailor every ceremony to each individual couple and Susan designs every ceremony with each couple's unique goals in mind. Susan wants you to be 100% comfortable and happy with every last detail--it's your wedding, it should be perfect for you!

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Austin Wedding Ministry, Rev. Susan Austin
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